Anonymous wanted to know: i think stiles would also get extremely turned on if Derek puts his hand on his thigh



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It’s not like they’re dating or anything, but their friendship has come a long way from I-don’t-trust-you-you-don’t-trust-me. Stiles thought he buried that little crush long ago, went off and had real relationships, went to college, did all that jazz. Coming back to Beacon Hills and hanging out with Derek as an adult is nice, okay, and Stiles isn’t expecting more than friendship.

He’s kind of thrown off by how easy it is to fall for Derek the more time they spend together, but Stiles keeps his feelings under wraps, doesn’t want to make it weird. 

So it takes Stiles completely by surprise when Derek is driving him home from what turned into a weekly beer-and-bowling thing, the top forties are playing on the radio, there hasn’t been any supernatural ridiculousness for two weeks, the wind is blowing through Stiles’ hair, and then Derek just casually places his hand on Stiles’ thigh. Thumb slightly moving in a steady caress. Derek. Caressing his thigh. 

It feels so natural and normal and affectionate that Stiles doesn’t even notice for a few seconds, and when he does he automatically reaches out as if to take Derek’s hand in his and whoa wait what is he doing? 

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future!fic with linguist!derek and wanderlust!stiles. aka my attempt at domesticity.


Derek traveled, a lot. He flew to Europe at least three times a month, sometimes to South America or India. After shit went down in Beacon Hills, well, after it was done with once and for all and the Nemeton was put back into some magical form of hibernation, Derek went back to school and got his Masters in Linguistics from MIT. From there, he’d gotten his Doctorate while studying abroad at the University of Edinburgh. A bonafide polyglot, Derek spoke six languages apart from English: Russian, Spanish, French, Japanese, Arabic, and Polish. As a hobby, he studied Gaelic, because he wanted to.


His closet was full of suits, all designer, that replaced his trademark henleys, tank tops, and jeans. He still had them, but barely got to wear them. He always had a suitcase half packed in the corner of his and Stiles’ room. They had a loft together in NYC, along with Derek’s loft back in Beacon Hills that they’d renovated when they still lived there. They used it whenever they visited, which was a handful of times throughout the year.


Stiles, well. Stiles transferred schools three times, and changed his major twice because he didn’t know what he wanted to do, then decided to take a sabbatical. He’d be going back to school in the fall, this time at Cornell, to finish his Masters in Anthropology. In the meantime, he backpacked his way through Europe, where ever Derek was sent to. Derek believed that Stiles, never having left the country prior to their multiple escapades to Mexico when he was in High School, had a sense of wanderlust that his major helped bring to fruition. In Paris, during Derek’s down time, they went to museums where Stiles spent hours walking the halls. Derek took him to his alma mater in Edinburgh, where Stiles spent days in the library researching for fun.

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sterek » stiles can teleport places au

For Sterek Week! Friday: Sterek AU

 Derek steps down onto the beach, his dogs already far ahead of him. The wind is biting and grey is settling in but he’s not going to let the weather stop his daily routine. Sand moves under his feet and he notices a man wandering over the beach, hands in his pockets and his whole body shivering.

 His dogs rush around the man’s ankles, excited for some human contact other than Derek. Not many people come to this place and he’s not even sure how the man got here. Derek watches as the figure bends down to pet his dogs, and as Derek drifts closer he smells the breath of magic on the man.

 It hits him hard and his own eyes start to burn with colour involuntarily. The man freezes, standing straight, and his pretty pink lips part in terror. His face goes pale and waves of his scent hit Derek’s nose. It’s flooded with the prickle of magic and anxiety. Then the man is gone.

 Derek’s dogs rush up and bark at his heels, moving around excitedly at the man’s sudden disappearance. He feels like he should be worried. No one comes to this part of the coast and the closest town is two hours away. The last time he was around something supernatural his family died, but now Derek doesn’t have anything to lose or the energy to care. The man seemed to think Derek would do more harm to him, anyway.


 It’s another month before he sees the man again. This time he’s scrambling through sandy bush, swearing whenever his hands swipe against the cutting grass. Derek clears his throat. The man darts his head up and his warm, amber eyes stare back. He slips and falls on his backside.

 “What are you doing here?” Derek says, unfriendly.

 He licks his lips, and his heart is thrumming. “Are you – are you magic too?”

 Derek’s eyes threaten to glow blue again. He’s anticipated the dance of magic that falls off the young man so he has a better grip on his control. Derek steps forward, his eyes narrow. He doesn’t want anyone falling into his territory and he curls his lips, revealing his fangs. Derek lifts his hands, his claws lengthening and blue pierces the man. Hair begins to cover his face and Derek smells a bit of fear, hears a small squeak, and then the man is pulled into the air and he’s gone.


 “I’m Stiles,” he says, and this time he’s right by Derek’s small cottage, hidden behind rows of trees. Derek snarls at him but the effect is lost when one of his dogs runs to Stiles’ legs and starts trying to lick his hands and knees.

 “Go away,” Derek tells him.

 “I can’t, not by will,” he says, inching closer. Derek would’ve hoped that because he’s got an axe in hand that the guy would be wary and hopefully run away. He’s a sweaty, angry, lonely man, and though he’s chopping wood he probably satisfies the image of an axe murderer.

 Stiles doesn’t run away.

 “I’ve never met anyone,” he clears his throat. “Different.”

 Derek has a burst of sympathy start up inside him but he tears it down instantly. He goes back to throwing his axe against the log and he only stops when he hears a loud chuckle.

 “Didn’t think you’d be the kind of person to have pink flowers on their window sill,” Stiles says at him.

 Derek glares. The flowers had been his mother’s favourite, and he’s only ever seen them grow in this part of the country. “What do you want?” he snaps.

 Stiles shrugs, looking away. His lips look cracked. “Answers.”

 “Well I can’t give them to you,” Derek says gruffly. He turns back to his small cottage and hopes by the time he’s used his pathetic little shower that Stiles will be gone. When he goes back outside, his dog is whining at a spot that smells like magic and smells like Stiles.


 He returns from the grocery store, his beat up truck trailing up the dirt of his driveway. It’s dark by the time he gets back and when he steps inside all of his lights are on. Derek smells him everywhere, like he’s gone around and poked in all of Derek’s things.

 His kitchen is even emptier than when he left it and the larger of his two dogs comes down the stairs and immediately starts to press its side against Derek’s legs. Derek bends down and runs his hands through his dog’s coat, accepting a wet kiss from the only company he gets these days, and then he moves down the hallway. He’s surprised to find that Stiles didn’t step into his bedroom.

 It takes more than a few days before his scent has left the cottage completely.

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Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon

Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon

Anonymous wanted to know: hurricane during a beach trip au~?


"Oh god," Lydia cringes beside Stiles, and he looks up from where he’s arranging their bags in the trunk, glances over her shoulder.  

"What? Are Scott and Allison making gross, sappy—" he trails off as his eyes land on Derek, wearing board shorts and flip flops. 

Derek has feet. 

Nice, perhaps slightly over excessively hairy toes. 

Toe nails. 

Two years of frat boys at college has still not adequately prepared Stiles for the sight of Derek Hale wearing flip flops. And board shorts. Black ones, of course— heaven forbid he actually deviate too much from the norm— but also a bright red vest that clings to his waist, and shows off his arms and, oh Jesus. 

Christ,” he blurts out. 

"I know," Lydia agrees, for no doubt totally different reasons. "What a mess."

Of course, she’s worried about his apparel for its style related reasons. Not because Derek looks hot like the burning sun, and Stiles might have a meltdown before lunch.

Derek glowers across at them, “What. What are you looking at?”

"Shins," Stiles says faintly, and then shakes himself when Derek arches an eyebrow and Lydia turns to stare at him incredulously. "I mean, I just— have never seen your uh, calves before.”

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Feel Me, Completer (oneshot: 13,864: Not Rated)

It’s taken a while, this more playful side of Derek, the one more likely to relax and have a joke, the one less burdened with guilt and despair. Like he’s taking strength from his pack to overcome the death of his family.

Here’s to the Static (Complete: 80,860: Teen)

Stiles spends most of his college break in a coffee house where he stares after Derek Hale. For some reason, Stiles is unaware of the fact he’s quite the musician, and Derek amuses himself at Stiles’ obliviousness.

Anonymous wanted to know: Hey, do you guys know any fics that are heavy on the Stilinski Family Feels? Like, something like Say Something by onrooftops


[Say Something by onrooftops]

just general stilinski family feels fics

Hide Of A Life War by Etharei (complete | 26,102 | Rated E)

The one in which Stiles has lived to (legal) adulthood and, along the way, become a bit of a badass himself.

The Searching Ceremonies series by KouriArashi (2 works | 304,105 | Rated M)

Derek is being pressured by his family to pick a mate, and somehow stumbles into a choice that they didn’t expect and aren’t sure they approve of….

Inertia by apocryphal (complete | 21,608 | Rated M)

The last thing Derek and Cora are expecting to find outside their motel room is a gaunt Stiles Stilinski, lacrosse bag on one shoulder and the weight of the world on the other.

Rabbiting On by Circe6 (complete | 32,251 | Rated E)

Derek and Scott are brothers living at the Beacon Hills Home for Boys when another kid arrives, small, scrawny and called “Stiles” Things only get more confusing for Derek from there…

Pack Wars by miss_aphelion (19/? | 70,223 | Rated M)

Scott liked to call it the Great Pack Divide of 2012.

Derek liked to call Scott an idiot.

(Or the one where Derek kidnaps Stiles to teach Scott a lesson, and ends up learning a few things himself)

Stay Still by onrooftops (complete | 29,580 | Rated M)

They read the entry on the alphas, then Derek crawls into Stiles’s bed and Stiles joins him, and they fall asleep twisted together. He wakes up alone, but there’s a note stuck to his computer. Gone to let the others know about the alphas. Don’t do anything stupid.

Dirty paws and furry coats by queerly_it_is (complete | 57,621 | Rated E)

Stiles is eight years old when his dad brings Derek home.

[AU based on Disney’s The Fox and the Hound]




Something super mega indulgent because there can never be enough Stiles and SingleDad!Derek   (and also yoga. never enough yoga)

1) Be nice to his kids

“Hey, Mr. Hale.” Stiles smiles, waves at Derek and his cute daughter. “Hi, Mel.”

The little girl grins at him, sticks out her hand for him to shake. Stiles’ heart does a somersault inside his chest, and he feels the love spreading through his body.

“Hi, Stiles.” Mel says from where she’s standing beside her dad. “We’re here for the yoga class!”

Mr. Hale grins at his daughter. “She likes the yoga.”

“Yeah.” Stiles nods. “It’s going better than the dancing.” He laughs when Derek makes a scared face. Stiles can still remember the crying and the yelling, he can bet Derek remembers it just as well.

“Dancing was boring.” Mel says. “And Mrs. Kelly wanted me to dance with Tom.” She narrows her eyes in that same way her father does when he’s angry. “Tom is gross.”

“Keep thinking like that.” Derek kisses his daughter’s cheek. “Forever.”

Stiles laughs, flushes red when he realizes Derek is staring at him. “Uh – your class is about to begin.”

“Yeah, we better go then.” Derek looks down, holds Mel’s hand. “See you later, Stiles.”

Mel waves goodbye and follows her dad, but before they walk into the room she stops and runs back to him. “Bye, Stiles.” She’s holds his waist and when Stiles gets on his knee to hold her back, she kisses his cheek.

Stiles feels his eyes water and when he looks up Derek is staring at them with a fond look on his face.

“Bye, Mel.” He kisses the top of her head.

God, he’s so gone.

10) Be responsible

“No, no, no.” He curses, looking around worriedly. “Goddamnit.”

“You shouldn’t curse, Stiles.” A voice says from behind him, making Stiles stop and turn around quickly. “Dad says that if you curse, Santa won’t bring you presents.”

“Sorry.” Stiles says, smiles when Mel runs to him. “I’m angry, but your dad is right. Cursing is bad.”

He arches an eyebrow when he doesn’t see Derek following his daughter with that same amazed look and the tight jeans that make Stiles want to fall to his knees and thank god for that view. “You came here alone?”

Mel nods. “I saw you and I wanted to say hi.”

“That’s nice –” Stiles says, holding her hand and leading her inside the store once again. His car keys will have to wait. “but you shouldn’t run from your dad. He must be worried.”

Her little eyes get huge and she flushes red. “Sorry.” She whispers, almost starts crying when her dad finds them five minutes later and holds her tight against his chest. “Sorry, daddy.”

“Don’t run from me again.” He warns but the relief on his face gives away the worry. “Stiles! Thank you!”

“It’s fine.” He says, runs a hand through his hair and tries to resist the urge to throw himself at Derek. “It’s my fault she ran from you anyway.”

“Still.” He touches Stiles’ shoulder, squeezes. “Let me buy you a drink to say thank you.”

Stiles smiles. “Thanks but I still need to find my car keys.” He blushes when Derek looks at him, confused. “I lost them in the parking lot.”

“Well then – Mel, what do you say we help Stiles?”

Mel holds her dad’s hand, then reaches out for Stiles’ and pulls them towards the parking lot. “Come on!”

Stiles pretends he’s not blushing the entire way.

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4x12 missing Sterek scene


So…I was thinking about how Stiles would have reacted to seeing Derek alive and finding out how he was alive, and so this happened.


Stiles is scared to leave the church, finds himself dragging his feet behind Scott and the others, hesitating at times to actually…

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Must be This tall to Ride

(Oneshot: 3,760: Explicit)

“I love Ferris wheels, you’re afraid of heights. I’m happy, you face your irrational fear. It’s a win-win.”.